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Yoga Retreat – from Croatia directly into your living room

Have you ever wanted to participate in a retreat, but unfortunately realized that you don´t have enough money for travel or you don´t get free of work exactly at the dates of the retreat or, you simply don´t want or can´t travel so far? The idea of a yoga retreat online seemed to me at the first sight impossible, but then I tought, there are tousands of yoga classes and other seminars online, but not so many retreat yoga classes online. Actually, it is a great thing! Why not participating in yoga classes and get at least a little bit of the retreat energy and atmosphere of the retreat place online?

Leah Sugerman is a yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer, writer and world traveller, who sometimes stops in Summersalt Yoga Retreat at the island Vis to hold a retreat there, but you can enjoy her retreat yoga classes online aswell and create your own retreat space at home, transporting your mind to the beautiful, serene sceneries of the island.

How did you and Summersalt Yoga Retreat come to this great idea of a yoga retreat online?
– We were looking to find a way to make retreats more economically feasible for the greater population because we love to make yoga accessible to all, so we came up with the idea of offering a retreat “setting” online with all the wonderful scenery to make it feel like you’re really there.

Are u a Summersalt retreat regular yoga teacher?
– Yes! I love teaching with them and go back to my favorite Croatian island (Vis) as often as possible 🙂

Is it possible that you are the only yoga teacher in the world offering yoga retreats online in the scenery of Vis island?
– Haha, I think that is very, very likely! It’s one of my favorite places in the whole world so I hope that the online retreat can give people just a glimpse into the beauty and warmth of that amazing island!

Can you tell us more about how it works? How do I book a yoga retreat online? Does it mean I see what is happening at the retreat in a real time or do I have access in certain times of the day?
– It’s actually all pre-recorded videos that you can follow along with at home! So it’s super simple and on-demand. Anytime you get the urge to travel to a beautiful Croatian landscape and practice some mindful yoga or meditation, you can simply pop it on any device and enjoy a retreat at-home.

What are the benefits of yoga retreat online?
– It’s more accessible to all because it comes at a much smaller price tag than an in-person retreat and it also offers the flexibility of timing. Because we all lead such busy lives nowadays, you can do it on your own time in your own schedule.

Photo: leahsugerman.com

Photo: leahsugerman.com

What is the difference between online yoga class and retreat online yoga class?
– They’re really quite similar however our online retreat follows a theme (the way an in-person retreat typically would). So everyday you’ll get a yoga class designed around that theme. Also, as a major bonus, all the videos were filmed on location in stunning Vis, Croatia soyou can get the feeling that you’re there while watching the videos.

Does the retreat online include only yoga classes or some other things, like for example an online workshop or talks?
– Only yoga classes at the moment, but we’re in the works to add some extra treats!

Why and how did you decide to offer yoga retreats in Croatia?
– I was first introduced to Summersalt quite a few years back when I applied for their listing for a retreat leader. When I came to Vis for the first time, I immediately feel in love with the slow, quiet island and we worked together so well that I just keep coming back!

What do you like about Croatia? What are your experiences with Croatia?
– I love the incredible landscapes of Croatia. Everywhere you turn, there’s another breathtakingly beautiful sight to see. The food is delicious and the coffee is to die for! And I love Vis the most for its slow simplicity. It feels like stepping back in time to an era when life didn’t move so fast and the slow pace of life and the tight-knit communities and the sweetness of wine were all that mattered.

So wonderfully said, it confirms your affinity for writing. And I can confirm that about the coffee. But how did you come to yoga?
– My father is a yogi actually! So I grew up practicing sun salutations next to him and pretending to close my eyes during our meditation practice! Haha. Then as a teenager, I moved away from yoga and became a dancer. I returned back to yoga after suffering from a back injury and my doctor recommended yoga to help rehabilitate me. I feel in love with my practice all over again and soon after began to teach.

Photo: leahsugerman.com

Photo: leahsugerman.com

You are a nomadic yoga teacher – what does it mean?
– I’ve been living abroad for the past six years and haven’t had a home “base” for the past four! It’s actually been quite unintentional, but I’ve been lucky enough to get a job here and then a job there and so I’ve traveled from one beautiful place to another around the world for years sharing the practice that I love so much.

You also teach other yoga teachers, hold workshops – what are your next destinations and events?
– I do! I have a few upcoming yoga teacher trainings in Bali and Thailand and I’m in the works creating some upcoming yoga retreats as well! You can find all the information about my upcoming events on my website.

When will you be in Croatia again?
– I’m not sure but I’m definitely due for a visit! I haven’t been to Croatia in a year and I’m desperately missing it!

Do you plan any yoga teacher trainings in Croatia? If not, this is my suggestion.
– Possibly actually! I’m hoping to have one there in the very near future :))

Thank you very much for this interview!
– Thank you for the opportunity to speak! It’s been such a pleasure!

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