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A quiet resort in a quiet bay

Krk is the biggest croatian island, located in the Kvarner Bay. From Europe quite fast reachable: there´s an airport on the island, but also a bridge, connecting the island with the mainland. Once called Tito´s bridge, now simply Krk bridge. Alltough Krk enjoys a great popularity, there´s a lot still to discover. Not only the beautiful beaches, little or bigger bays, Krk offers nice possibilities for biking, mountain biking and hiking. But what attracted our attention on the island was a new build resort in the bay of Klimno, a serene place on the island, calm even in the high tourist season. The bay of Klimno consists of few seaside villages: Klimno village itself, a huge healing mud beach in Soline and „on the other side“ there is the village Čižići, wich not only sounds sweet, it is sweet.
Here in Klimno, we meet Ekaterina Kabanova, yogateacher and founder of the VSG Resort.

It is very nice to know that in Croatia are growing more and more places to relax, to do yoga and other retreats. You started this kind of a resort in may 2019. How all this started?
– Experienced the beauty of  Krk Island a few years ago during family vacation and healing effect after coming back, we decided to create a place where everyone can get quality rest. We were happy to find the piece of land in this small, charming village Klimno. Untouched nature, cricket sounds in the evening and birds singing in the morning, provides peace and quietness while smiling locals create a friendly atmosphere. All together makes the perfect place to unwind and recharge.
Yoga is another passion and tool for a happy life in our family and we are happy to offer it for our customers. In few words: we want to share and offer our experiences with the guests of the VSG Resort.

You were born in Russia, lived in the Chech Republic for a long time and now you are in Croatia. What do you like about Croatia?
– I don’t have a logical explanation for it, it was followed by the heart. The main thing is, I feel comfortable here. If I have to look for a logical explanation, I would say it is people, nature and the amount of possibility to grow. I see the huge potential on the island.

What you don´t like? Is there something you don´t like about Croatia?
– Bureaucracy, maybe… 🙂

During my retreat at your resort we had one of the best houses, looking only into the green. What even more impressed me was the organic garden near the pool. Is it already possible to use the fruits and vegetables from the garden?
– Thank you for that question, garden is my biggest passion. This year guests enjoyed tomatoes, lots of cucumbers, paprika, zucchini, watermelons and a variety of herbs. Having the garden in front of guests´ eyes, we want to show people that a sustainable diet is easy, tasty and enjoyable and so is the sustainable life. For the future I plan to expand the garden to provide guests with enough organic, fresh vegetables during the season.

You are a yoga teacher aswell and offer retreats in the resort mostly in the pre- and post summer season. What can guest expect during your retreats?
– We are a small group of friends from the island and we are running small 3-4 days retreats. The program is variable. Although people are expecting mostly yoga, we have holistic approach and offer other activities and treatments aswell. Depending on season this can include massages,  sauna, hiking, boat trip, ayurveda inspired nutrition, barbecue with fresh local food or healthy dinner in the restaurant.

Is the resort opened in the winter monts aswell? So people can do for example sauna, swimming in the pool and yoga programe?
– It’s our goal to be open all year, so guests welcome anytime! Yes, sauna, massages, pool and yoga are always available. Yoga sal is also equipped with the projector, so movie nights or some other workshops except yoga can take place there. I am still working on the winter months offer and I´m open for any new ideas. 

What does VSG mean?
– Vitality in the body, Sunshine in the mind, Gratitude in the heart! That is my personal mantra 🙂 

That´s beautiful! What is the style of yoga you are offering?
– Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. 

In the summermonths, but perhaps in the winter aswell, there is a very popular healing mud beach near your resort. Some people use it for skin or some treatments, do you have some experiences with it?
– You are talking about Soline Beach with peloid mud. I am not a therapist to give advice of usage, but what I can promise is: once you are covered with mud, it will be hard not to get into a good mood!
It is a therapeutic and fun experience at the same time. There can be lots of benefits from the peloid therapy: it is said that it treats rheumatism, inflammation, neuralgia and obesity, it improves the blood circulation rate and the local metabolism, helps to eliminate cellulite and stretch marks…Access to the beach is now for free, so everyone can just go in and use the mud. But if people search for a therapy effect, I would advise to make some research before using it. For the future I am planning to find some specialist for treatments.

Do you have any further plans for the next summer, retreats at the resort? 
– As shown in the first season, summer months are more suitable for “sea holidays”. We try to keep calm and healthy atmosphere in the resort though, offering local products, massages aswell. Definitely better time for retreats is the pre- and aftersummer season (from March to June and from September to November). For me even weather is „healthier“ and enjoyable in these months.

Your retreat starts in few days, 31st of October to 3rd of November. What can guests expect?
– Guests can meet local traditions, explore nice old towns and hike with locals learning the vegetation of the island. At the resort there will be a combination of sea and sauna, ayurvedic food, different styles of yoga, gong meditation and an exclusive ayurvedic massage.

Thank you, Ekaterina, for finding time to answer these questions!
– Thank you for your interest in our resort.


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