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One Day Workshop in Croatia: Ferment Your Food

permaculture workshop in central croatia

Join this one day workshop dedicated to self sustainability, where you can learn how to ferment food and drinks at home. For example, yoghurt bought in a supermarket doesn’t have half as many probiotics as home made yoghurt. Here you will learn how to ferment also ohter kind of food. During the workshop you can enjoy tea, cookies & a fresh organic lunch aswell interesting conversations.


4th July 2020
Time: 10 – 16 o´clock


Bogata Šuma (Rich Forest) is a permaculture family homestead on the top of a hill in the forest area of Vojnić, central Croatia. It is situated in Živković Kosa, only 35 minutes from the highway or 10 minutes from the Road 1 Karlovac-Split.

Not only oneday-workshops, in Bogata Šuma it is possible to rent the venue for your own events or retreats (up to 30 people under roof or even more with spaces outdoors). Quiet and private little campsite gives the opportunity to camp or to take a break on your trip to the Croatian coast. All accommodations can be combined with organic meals, freshly prepared in Bogata Šuma.


Barbara Scheltus moved from Netherlands to Croatia in 2009, starting with her family a permaculture project on a 12 hectares of land that became an edible, sustainable and regenerative landscape. She did permaculture design courses with permaculture teachers Rosemary Morrow, Mark Shepard, Rakesh, Taco Blom, Peter Cow and Looby Macnamara.
During your stay and workshop you´ll be able to see some projects Barbara designed and developed in Bogata Šuma: kitchen garden („vegetable park“) that produces vegetables all year round, an edible fence, a „food savannah“ (that eventually will grow into a forest garden) aswell many more interesting creations.

Workshop fee:

15 €
Included: workshop, tea, coffee, cookies and an organic lunch.

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