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Yoga and Wellbeing Weekend on Krk Island

This weekend is made for those who need a short change of environment, relaxation and „me-time“. Here you´ll have a good combination of yoga, meditation, wellness, contemplation in the nature, being with oneself or if you like, make a hiking excursion to a cave or other surroundings with breathtaking views.


30 April – 3 May 2020

Accommodation and Food:

VSG Resort is a 5 star resort offering a relaxed and nurturing environment to inspire you. Own yoga room, pool and closeness to the sea make this resort a good place to enjoy few days, doing something good to yourself.


Dolores is a Gestalt psychotherapist, hatha and vinyasa flow yoga teacher, fascinated about nature, people and life. Her yoga classes provide experience and seeks to encourage growth and personal development through awareness and integration of body, mind and soul.

Mihaela is ayurvedic therapist and hatha yoga teacher. She studied physiotherapy, but the complete picture of body and energies she got in the Shiatsu school, based on the philosophy and practice of traditional Chinese medicine. By invitation of Dr. Swarnapuri, she spent three years in Paris where she studied and worked in the field of Ayurveda.

Price (per person):

€ 429.- one place in the apartment for three persons
€ 449.- one place in the apartment for two
€ 559.- single apartment

– home-made meals
– body balancing exercises
– shiatsu massage
– deep relaxation yoga nidra
– walk in the nature to a cave

In your free time you are welcome to chill near the pool or use the sauna.


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