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„On The Road“ Retreat – From Zagreb to Vis Island

One thing is for sure; this retreat will make lots of fun. It’s a unique road-trip with VW vans, starting in Zagreb, ending in Split.
This is not only a yoga, meditation and breath work retreat, it´s an adventure with an inspiring community.


6 – 11 September 2020
(officially the retreat takes 6 days, but arrival to Zagreb and first dinner togheter is possible already on 5th of September. On 11th of September you can prolong the retreat on the island of Vis for few more days – we suggest it!)

Accommodation and Food:

You´ll be accommodated in the VW vans until they reach Split. Sleeping outside under the stars is possible too. Later on, if you decide to go to the island Vis, you can book an accommodation on the island on your own, like rooms or apartments (starting price about 40€/day).
The food will be prepared daily and fresh or you can eat in the local restaurants.

Daily Program:

Holistic exercises and yoga in the mornings
During the day: road-tripping and enjoying nature, woods, mountain, fresh air, scenery, cooking together, having fun, swimming (river and sea), sleeping under stars, a bonfire perhaps, a poetry night or a one-time-only performance of our artistic impulses, sure. Music and silence…
In the evenings join for a contemplation & meditation practice.

Yoga and Other Practices During the Retreat:

Holistic exercises are practice based on Do-in (Tao Yin), a holistic system of exercises whose roots go into far-reaching history and are based on the idea of a spiritually free man (Shin-Shen-Do). The uniqueness of these exercises is manifested in the fact that everyone can practice them, as they are not physically demanding. They are a combination of holistic, meditative exercises of meridian stretching (energy flow pathways), alchemical breathing and energy exercises, healing sounds, eyes and face exercises, self-massage, internal organs healing and much more.
Each evening we will closed with a session of guided holographic meditation and pranayama.


Tomislav Mađar aka Tomi is the founder of Rainbow Garden in Zagreb, he is MA in Psychology, Shiatsu bodywork therapist, Teacher of Holistic exercises, Yoga, Tao, Macrobiotic Philosophy & Practice, Holistic Lifestyle Designer, author of the School of Conscious Cooking and Elixiria Experience seminar. Tomislav is a former multiple champion of Croatia in judo martial art, in love with nature, sailing, music and design, inspired by endless love for his twin daughters.

With rich experience in personal and collective dynamics support, leading yoga & holistic exercises classes and conscious cooking workshops, his style of intuitive and direct transmission of knowledge and information will leave you motivated and curious, which are exactly the prerequisites needed for any transformation to take place.
During the journey, Tomislav can be additionally booked for private shiatsu & holistic counseling sessions upon request.


€ 597.-

What´s Included:

– 5 nights accommodation in the vans
– meals prepared in a group
– yoga and meditation program daily

If you arrive on 5th of September to Zagreb – dinner and 1st night accommodation in the van is for free.
If you want to continue your retreat after Split on the island of Vis, there will be a welcoming lunch in an authentic place for free. Further daily exercises and meditation sessions, along with the guidance on the island will be offered completely for free aswell!

What Can You Book Additionally:

– shiatsu bodywork treatment 60 min
– motorbikes at the island
– boat excursion around the island
– Goulash music festival ticket


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