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Meet The Retreat Places of Croatia

I am always happy when I see that retreats take place not only direct at the sea and the beaches, but in the beautiful mountains of Croatia. One of these places is Medvednica, near Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. An island during the era of the Pannonian Sea, today it is a nature park, a famous weekend excursion destination for Croatians, but not only. Its popularity grows also as a ski-resort, especially for tourists looking for something simple and original.
The highest peak (1,035 m) is Sljeme.
Medvednica means the „bear-mountain“. I don´t think there are still bears living, but the bear had a special place in the slavic mythology, he was a representation of Veles – the God of Earth, Water and Underground. Sometimes controversial and not so pleasant, always provoking the highest God in the slavic pantheon Perun (the god of sky, thunder, lightning, storm, rain, oak trees, war and law).

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