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Bliss on the Lavender Island Hvar

retreat hvar island croatia 2020 yoga holiday

This retreat will bring you to the inner and outer sources of natural energy that can restore you back to balance and help you tune into your natural state of bliss. The classic retreat program, led by retreat co-founders Evening & Stipe, offers a balancing blend of integrated holistic yoga, island exploration, two daily delicious and nutritious organic meals, afternoon deep-dive workshop sessions on topics of interest for the participants and daily time-out each day to recharge your batteries.

Dates 2021:

28 March – 10 April
2 – 15 May
23 – 29 May
15 – 21 August
3 – 16 October

The retreat can be booked for a minimum of two retreat-overnights (3-days retreat) within the listed dates.

Food and Accommodation:

In a serene village situated at the hills of Stari Grad, Hvar Island, you can book single or double rooms and cottages. This retreat has a long tradition since 2004 and it´s one of the oldest in Europe.
The food is lovely and prepared with fresh ingredients, some of which is from their own garden. You can enjoy a rich vegetarian breakfast and dinner, with vegan, gluten free and other dietary options. Each day, there are shorter or longer excursions organized by the team and during this time you can visit some of the local restaurants or fresh markets.

Yoga Teacher:

Evening Marie is the co-founder and program manager of Suncokret Retreat. During the retreat weeks she´ll lead morning yoga classes, based on Integrated Holistic Yoga Lifestyle Program (IHYLP) and afternoon workshops that offer a deeper insight into yoga and yoga-related topics. This is a concept to introduce you to yoga as a holistic, mind-body-spirit-based teachings and practices that support your retreat journey, aswell your life journey in general. Evening has a background in the fine arts and is a certified yoga therapist, reiki master, bio-energist and spiritual life coach.


€ 145.– per day in a private single room
€ 150.- per person/day in a master suite
€ 160.- per person/day in a cottage for two
€ 140.- per person/day in a cottage for three
€ 130.- per person/day in a cottage for four

What is included in a 7-days retreat?

– 6 nights accommodation 
– morning yoga classes
– daily vegetarian breakfast
– daily vegetarian dinner (except during excursions)
– local tourist taxes

Additional offers:
– 60 min Holistic Consultation: € 60.-
– 60 min One to One Yoga: € 60.-
– Yoga Therapy Package: € 150.-
– 30 min Bioenergy Boost: € 30.-
– Bioenergy Therapy: € 120.-
– 30 min Intuitive Reiki: € 30.-
– Life Path Awakening: € 300.-


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