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Experience Hvar Island with Yoga and Soft Adventure

This retreat is suitable for people longing for yoga, activity, relaxation and a variety of activities exploring beautiful Mediterranean surroundings of Hvar island. During this retreat you can participate in daily morning yoga sadhana (spiritual practice including yoga postures and meditations) and later enjoy a soft-adventure like hiking, biking and, weather allowing, also snorkeling, sea kayacking, or sup. In the evenings, you can recharge in whatever way suits you best. Also included is a Satsang on the connection between yoga and the senses and a mid-week meditation.

Dates 2021:

25 April – 1 May
30 May – 5 June
22 – 28 August
19 – 25 September
17 – 23 October

Accommodation and Food:

In the retreat house existing since 2004 as a pioneer of yoga retreats in Croatia, you can book cosy private rooms, private rooms with en-suite bathrooms and a private cottage for 2-4 persons.
Fresh prepared vegetarian-vegan breakfast and dinner is provided daily.

Retreat Hosts:

Evening Marie  – a vivacious ex-pat New Yorker, is Suncokret’s program manager, residential yoga therapist, energy worker and spiritual life coach, leading the morning yoga program, satsang and mid week meditation. 

Stipe (Steve) – a laid-back Hvar Island native, is a certified chef and agro-tourism manager who acts as the chef, logistics manager and local guide.


€ 870.- per person, 6 nights, shared cottage for four
€ 990.- per person, 6 nights in a suite for two
€ 960.- 6 nights in a private room


– accommodation
– morning yoga sadhana including yoga postures, breathing, intention for the day (or even for life)
– two daily vegetarian meals during your program stay
– hiking in the surroundings through the ancient vineyards, fields, and olive groves of Dol, pickup at late afternoon
– one bike excursion
– cooking workshop
– kayaking or SUP programme (depending on weather and retreat date)
– morning yoga in a surprise location with picknick

Additional Holistic Services:

Holistic Consultation, 60 min / € 60.-
One to One Yoga, 60 min / € 60.-
Tarot Consultation, 30 min / € 30.-
Life Path Tarot, 60 min / € 60.-
Yoga Therapy Package € 150.-
Bioenergy Boost, 30 min / € 30.-
Bioenergy Therapy € 120.-
Intuitive Reiki 30 min / € 30.-
Classic Reiki 60 min / € 60.-
Chakra Life Mapping € 150.-
Reiki I Workshop € 150.-
Reiki II Workshop € 250.-
Life Path Awakening € 300.-


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