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Family & Adventure Retreat

This retreat is dedicated to families and children (5 – 10 years old), to connect with themselves, one another and the more primal and free flowing life of nature. The village of Dol on the island Hvar offers a good possibility for that. Retreat cottages are suitable for families and also single moms and dads.
There will be three dedicated mornings where the adults can join morning yoga sessions during which time the children will participate in creativity workshops.
Two mornings are dedicated to families participating in the „Parent-Child Creative Yoga Playtime“ sessions and two afternoons there will also be a „Family Creativity Program“ that echos and expands on the children’s morning creativity sessions.
There is an opportunity to enjoy kid-friendly adventures together and on your own during the outings on the island. There are few local playgrounds, water parks, trampoline, kayaking, sea paddle boating, mini golf and table tennis spots.


1 – 7 August 2021

Accommodation and Food:

If you come with your family with one or two children, most suitable are cottages for 3-4 persons.
The retreat offers also rooms and suites for one parent and one child with large double bed or twin beds.
Stipe, the co-founder of this longterm retreat since 2004 is a dalmatian vegetarian and vegan chef, cooking daily for the retreat groups two healty fresh meals (brunch and dinner).

Yoga and Creative Workshops Facilitators:

Evening Marie is the co-founder of the retreat since 2004 and a yoga teacher who will lead you through a gentle vinyasa yoga every morning, that also includes breathing techniques and practices that connect you to the energies of the earth, sun and moon. She will also lead the parent child creative yoga program.

Edina Husanovic is an artist, researcher, and educator, with twenty years of experience in teaching. She has also had twenty years of practice in Buddhist Vipassana meditation. She organized and led children’s summer art and dance workshops in Vrisnik, an ancient stone village. The workshops resulted in the first art exhibition in the village, an event that pulled the whole community together in a unique way, and was repeated over the following 8 years with even more success. During this retreat she´ll lead the „Creativity Program for Kids“.

Stipe will not only nurture you with good food, there will be also an unique cooking workshop for the whole family.


Rooms / Suites

€ 1395.– double room in a cottage, with double bed for 1 adult & 1 child, shared bath and living spaces
€ 1485.- mini suite in a cottage, for 1 adult & 1 child, private bath and shared living spaces
€ 1530.- private double room with twin beds, for 1 adult & 1 Child, private bath and shared living spaces


€ 2550.- cottage for 2 adults and 1 child
€ 2880.- cottage for 2 adults and 2 children

What is included:

Accommodation and Food:
– 6 overnights
– daily vegetarian and vegan brunch
– free water, mineral water, tea, and herbal drinks at each meal, free access to tea corners organic herbs
Beach and Yoga, Accessoirs:
– free use of a beach towel and foam mat
– free use of a Yoga Kit (mat, mat bag, block, strap, blanket, cushion & protective foam mat)
– essential toiletries
– chakra test for kids and parents to assess your overall state of being (at retreat start)
– 3 yoga classes for adults
– 2 Parent-Child Creative Yoga Play sessions
– 3 creativity sessions for kids
– 2 Family Creativity Sessions together: mask-making, dance, self-expression
– free transfers from & to the Stari Grad Port
– daily family-oriented outings to gorgeous towns, villages and beaches
– one unique sea-adventure suitable for all
– visits to three local playgrounds and two trampolines
– a magical „wild thing“ picnic and party (Friday)

Special Offer:

Book 2 event weeks and receive 1 free cross-over night (Saturday) + 10 % discount on your selected package 
Book 3 event weeks and receive 2 free cross-over nights (Saturdays) + 20 % discount on your selected package


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