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Awareness Intensive – Online Workshop from Croatia

It is an opportunity to get the taste, the feeling and the experience of how this ancient and yet contemporary method works. This introdution is a recommandation for the 3 or 6-day Satori or Who is in you retreats. This Awareness Workshops and retreats give the opportunity to discover yourself as a whole, to reclaim all parts of yourself, to empower yourself by your own experience of truth, manifested in each of us in a unique way. This work is a stepping-stone for many and true support for growth.


16 May 2021

Start: 11 a.m.
End: 1 p.m.


€ 20.-

Workshop language:

English and/or Croatian

About the Workshop:

To inquire into who we are is as old as mankind and a very potent way for a deep exploration of your Self. This approach, being based on various traditions of self-reflection and yet free of any kind of scriptures or masters, is tailored and suitable for the times we live in.
Instead of getting lost in philosophies or doing mental gymnastics, this process aims for something more profound, lasting and meaningful: a direct experience of who you are!

Your potential benefits:
– Less attachment to personal stories and dramas
– Higher endurance and resilience to stress
– Becoming a true listener
– Higher ability to expressing yourself in a broader and deeper way
– Stronger connection with yourself
– Being more in touch with sensations, feelings and emotions
– Growing compassion towards others and yourself

Workshop facilitator:

Dražen Pramod Šivak is a theatre artist, actor and acting teacher, living in Zagreb. Through the experience of performing arts, he felt the need fo a deeper understanding of himslef and discovered meditation, which has become his practice.
He trains in „Awareness intensive“ process and „Inner judge“, with other teachers of the „Art of Now“ Group. He facilitates „Living the presence“ and „Tango – the art of listening“, as well as performer’s seminars „The actor and the body“.
Dedicated and devoted, Dražen approaches each client with respect and understanding, giving him space to discover his individual potentials by himself and offers individual sessions as well.


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