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Five Late Summer Yoga Retreats in Croatia (Part 2)

Photo by Harrison Haines on Pexels.com

In this article about september yoga retreats, we´ll travel to some of the most known and beautiful Croatian islands: Brač and Vis and then to the hill landscape of the Istrian Peninsula.

11 – 18 September 2021

Island Brač is the closest island to Split reachable fast by a ferry, offering a very interesting retreat with tantra and yoga program. You´ll have daily morning yoga sadhana (spiritual practice including pranayama or meditations) followed by hatha yoga. In the evenings, you can recharge and relax with yin yoga or partner yoga. Basic but beautiful sustainable accommodation is offered in an olive yard campsite: glamping huts, tents or you can bring your own van. There are a lot of places around the retreat venue to relax, to communicate or to have the time alone for yourself. You´ll enjoy healthy vegetarian breakfasts and dinners and try homemade products in the campsite shop.
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Yogadome on the Island Brač

18 – 25 SEPTEMBER 2021

Another beautiful island Vis, is the furthest Croatian island off the mainland, but also easy reachable from Split. Long time it was a naval army base, but it transformed to a base for many retreats, seminars and festivals. This kundalini retreat brings you to a beautiful stone house where you´ll be able to practice in a safe atmosphere with experienced kundalini yoga teachers. Kundalini energy is normally dormant at the base of our spine. In the process of „awakening“ it moves up the spine and stimulates an expansion of consciousness. During this retreat you´ll probably experience yourself in a whole different way, learning the access to your full potential through kundalini shakti, your essence or the eternal Self. Vegetarian full board, prepared by chef Tamara, will take care for the full yogic experience.
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Kundalini Yoga Retreat on the Croatian vineyard island Vis


In this retreat you can meet the Croatian Windsurf Champion Katarina, who is also a passionate yoga teacher, loving free climbing and hiking as well. This retreat is for you if you are used to dynamic styles of yoga or want to learn them, like Ashtanga Yoga based on Pattabhi Jois´teachings and Vinyasa Flow. But even if you just look for Hatha Yoga, you´ll find it here, in its purest form. Accommodated in a retreat house directly at the sea, you can enjoy the morning and evening sea breeze in the yoga shala.
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Yoga Power Retreat in Croatia near Split

23 – 26 SEPTEMBER 2021

Short but intensive days of Metta Float Approach – a holistic approach to meaningful life through hatha yoga, pranayama, yoga nidra and restorative sunset sessions. You´ll be accommodated in two istrian modern villas with a breathtaking view to Istrian landscapes. Not only yogaclasses, you´ll have a transformational workshop: „Creative happenings for body, heart and soul“. Vegetarian-vegan breakfasts and dinners prepared by a chef, it´s pure mindfulness, and enjoyment too.
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Just being here, it can bring you into the state of yoga

5. IYENGAR YOGA RETREAT, ISLAND VIS (Fully booked for this year!)
24 – 30 SEPTEMBER 2021

We end up again on Vis island. An unforgettable retreat with one of the classical styles of yoga – Iyengar Yoga – led by experienced and certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher. If you belong to younger generations and perhaps still don´t know, Iyengar was one of the Krishnamacharya first students and brought his special hatha yoga style to the West. He was one of the most popular teachers in Europe since the 50-ies, working with many popular personalities of that time. During the retreat you´ll feel energized, strengthened and relaxed. Not only with yoga and meditation, you are invited to rejuvenate spending time at some of the most beautiful beaches of the island, participate in painting classes by a local retreat host and painter. Food will be, of course, vegetarian-vegan.
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Iyengar Yoga Retreat Vis Island Croatia
With high probability, you´ll find lonely beaches like this in September,
on the island Vis

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