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Tantra and Yoga Retreat in Croatia

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This retreat is to (re)connect to each other and ourselves in the beautiful campsite build in an olive yard, with seaview glamping huts, hammocks and tents, rebuilding the deep trust into the cosmic energy of love and to celebrate life. The retreat has a program full of yoga, meditation, playful group-practice, experiment, dance,
philosophy, but first and foremost: you are free to choose to participate in the program as you like!


11 – 18 September 2021

Accommodation and Food:

An ecological permaculture campsite with its own products shop, offers accommodation in glamping huts, tents or own van (up to 7m).
There is a possibility to book a double room in a nearby house as well (€ 300.- per person, for detailed informations please give us a note in the inquiry form).
There will be vegetarian breakfast and dinner. Yoga and workshops are practiced in an energized dome like space.

Yoga and Tantra during the Retreat:

As Tantra is an experience based philosophy, there will be not a lot of “lecturing”. Rather you´ll experience it for yourself through different types of excercises, exploring subjects such as consent, gender, trust, showing yourself, carrying and being carried. Deep dive tantra sessions will be a contemplation about:
– What does Tantra mean? What is it actually about?
– How has this philosophy become a synonym for “weird sex” in the Western eye?
– How to apply Tantric view to yoga, meditation and our everyday activities?

There will be two yogaclasses daily, morning Hatha and evening Yin or Partner Yoga classes. Applied Tantra will be practised in the afternoons, but actually the whole retreat time will give you opportunities to experience and practise it.


Three yoga, tantra, creativity and relationship coaches from Belgium will accompaign you during this retreat:

Judith graduated as a Documentary director and started the journey of a selfdevelopment during her travels. In her lessons, workshops and coachings you´ll be given expert techniques and ideas, but no ‚truths‘. This you´ll have to find yourself. Her specialities are breath coaching/therapy, yoga, tantra and Connecting Communication. She made her yoga teacher training 200h in Gyan yog Breathe, India and Tantra yoga & shamanism YTTC in Durgas Tiger school. In Ecuador she spent a year to partcipate at the Nonviolent Communication Course. Just to mention few others: Breathcoach Breath of Life, Level I, Wim Hof ​​Method Fundamentals, Foundations of Tantrik Yoga and Certificate in the Buteyko Method.

Mieke is an individual and relationship therapist. After her studies in Clinical Psychology, she further immersed herself in complementary therapeutic disciplines: Master in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Personal Coaching, Gestalt therapy, Family, Organizational and Trauma Constellations, Emotional Body Therapy, Relationship Therapy, Pulsing, Reiki, Tai Chi, Qi Gong … She has 30 years of experience in guiding individuals and groups in companies and organizations (profit and non-profit). Her strength lies in her life experiences and her passion for life, offering an integral individual approach to each person.

Astrid knows a lot about high sensitivity, experiencing it herself since the early age. The arts taught her how to express subtle and dreamy images, ideas and encounters. She is a visual artist and coach. She is coaching highly sensitive people in their HSP, as an essential part of their life. She also offers creative coachings, with all kinds of creative methods to support personal growth. Everything what we experience has something to say about who we are and what we have to offer in life. She is convinced that creativity is for everyone. She received her coach trainings at the „Centrum Open Mind“ as well art education at the „LUCA School of Arts“, Belgium.


Glamping huts have 1-2 camping beds, battery lights, reed roofs for shade and private terraces with sea views. Bedding and bedlinen is provided.
€ 80.- single occupancy per day
€ 112.- per Person/day, two sharing

You can bring your own tent or hire a trekking tent, mat, sleeping bag and pillow in the campsite.
Prices for a week:
€ 750.- own tent
€ 795.- hired tent
€ 650.- student discount

– 7 nights´accommodation
– vegetarian breakfasts and dinners
– daily morning pranayama or meditation
– morning hatha yogaclasses
– evening yin or partner yoga classes
– tantric workshops
– sojourn tax


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