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Two Weeks Permaculture Course in “Rich Forest” Croatia

In this two weeks intensive program you´ll learn about practical permaculture in real life; how to design your land and as well your life with permaculture ethics (Earth care, people care and fair share or future care).
There will be a lot of practical work: designing your vegetable growing space in coordination with your life design. You’ll have tools to read the landscape and some knowledge about natural building techniques. You’ll learn about soil, composting techniques, water and how to setup an ecological garden.


2 weeks during September and October 2021

Accommodation and Food:

“Bogata Šuma” or “Rich Forest” was established in 2009 from a Dutch family, to live a natural life in the countryside, and to inspire others to make natural choices. Throughout the time it was transformed into an edible landscape that slowly transforms into a polyculture nut orchard inviting guests from all over the world. “Bogata Suma” offers permaculture workshops and retreats from early spring to the late autumn and a small campsite where you can come with your own van, tent or hire one camper (for 2-3 persons) or a gypsy vagon (for 1-2 persons).

Teacher and the Course:

Barbara Scheltus van der Berg is a passionate permaculture teacher, gardener and designer (of land and life), living self sufficient in harmony with nature. She started learning about permaculture in 2005. In Bogata Suma she has setup an ecological vegetable park, a food forest and a food savanna, a net-and-pan-system in the plum orchard, a permaculture greenhouse, a polyculture nut orchard and all preparations for a greywater cleaning swim pond. Barbara works on 14 permaculture designs and loves to show people how permaculture works in practice.

The course includes:

– What is permaculture, what is designing,
– Living with permaculture ethics and principles, social permaculture,
– Reading the landscape,
– Natural building techniques,
– Energy and resources (low and high tech),
– Water (rain water collection, swales, ponds, grey water filtering),
– Soil (types, erosion, nurturing, soil life),
– Animals and wildlife (functions, habitat, how to attract or repel),
– Growing food, “weeds”, sowing, planting plants and trees, orchards, designing a garden, a forest garden,
– Feeding plants and trees (compost types, natural fertilizers, mulch),
– Processing the harvest: jams, wine making, fermenting
– Herbs (foraging, drying, making teas, oils and tinctures)

In the afternoons you have time to work on your own designs, to explore the area or swim in the river.


€ 970.-

– 14 nights´accommodation in a shared double room
– daily organic vegetarian or non meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
– permaculture course
– local tourist taxes


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