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1 Day Holistic Retreat: The Ancient Ceremony of Water

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In this whole day retreat let restore your energy, health and inner peace by entering the magical world of holistic healing with the element of water. The retreat takes places near the capital of Croatia Zagreb, in the nature park Žumberak. You´ll visit hidden waterfalls in the pristine nature and if you don´t know it yet, during the retreat day you´ll learn how to make your own holy and healing water. What you have read so far, now is the time to experience it.


21 November 2021


– Gathering between 8 and 9 at the “Centre for Natural Healing Methods” in Klinča Sela
– morning coffee or tea
– relaxed hike to the Zumberak Nature Park
– 1st spot: ritual bah in a thermal healing water (Zumberak Nature Park has over eight water sources with a skin beneficial ph. of 8.4)
– 2nd spot: visit of an ancient shrine surrounded by water with lighting candles prayer ritual
– 3rd spot: looking for precious stones by intuition
– 4rth spot: canyon without mobile phone signal, where your complete detoxification begins. There are three beautiful waterfalls for further old rituals including shaman drumming
– 5th: visiting an old mill where an old woman lives
– 6th: the retreats ends with a dinner in a local restaurant


Neven Carin is a healer who is working on spiritual energy, therapeutic counseling and alternative therapy. During his student days he worked as a sales manager in a small company. He realized that people don´t come only to buy something, they came for conversations to present their problems and in 15-20 min they went out cheerful and full of energy. The number of people increased every day  and listening to  fate and illness of others wasn’t exactly fun for him as a young student, but it intrigued him to wonder: “What’s going on around me?“ This brought him to his full job today, a healing practitioner to use the old Croatian shaman techniques and less known but powerfull places in Croatia and Balkan. His methods are: bio energy, Reiki, Shamanism, breathing techniques, meditation, Buddha-KI, Osho´s, the protection and removal of negative influences and spells, purification of objects, walking on coals at 1000 degrees and many more.


€ 171.-

– at least 10 hours retreat (8 a.m. – 6.p.m. + dinner and a possible open end until midnight*)
– a lecture on spiritual purification by the element of water
– deep transformative workshops and rituals on ways/methods for improving the quality of life
– retreat diploma
– dinner

*If you like to stay one or more days in this area after the workshop, you can book a beautiful accommodation in a mountain house nearby.


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