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Mindfulness Retreat on Krk Island

wandern und yoga wochenende auf der insel krk osterferien 2022

This retreat is suitable for leaders, managers and key people in companies, and for all deeply interested in mindfulness practices, development of innovative solutions and sustainable goals.
During this retreat you´ll be able to:
– learn nine steps to mindfulness leadership
– see problems as challenges
– strenghten self awareness
– learn about linguistic intelligence
– learn how to listen mindfully
– use breath techniques for focus and clarity
– use storytelling, dreams and fantasy to build group culture and acceptance of differences
– relax consciously


19 – 21 May 2022
6 – 8 October 2022

Accommodation and Food:

Boutique retreat hotel is situated in one of the charming villages of the biggest Croatian islands – Krk. Here you´ll find rejuvenation and calmness in the pure nature. The retreat venue is especially build for educative and self-discovery purposes, on a powerfull spot of the island. It is possible to book double rooms with double or twin beds, as well rooms for single use, with daily rich breakfast and dinner buffett.

Retreat Workshops Facilitators:

Zineta Vilman obtained her MSc from the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana, has more than 30 years of business experience, and she is the creator of the „Program for Sustainable Mindful Leadership“. Her strong belief and experience is that good relationships and respect for the wellbeing, environment and self are the foundation of success. She is an independet business consultant, lecturer and mentor at the „DOBA Business School“ in Slovenia, NLP practitioner and NLP coach.

Marie-Anne Izmajlov is mezzo-soprano singer and actress. She studied musical theatre and acting in London at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and classical singing in Moscow (Academic Musical College P. I. Tchaikovsky). She is performing around the world in 25 languages, hosted her own TV show and she is the brand ambassador of the Viennese jewelry house Freywille.

Benjamin Izmajlov is violinist, conductor, composer, producer and professor, holding his MSc from Tchaikovsky State Conservatory in Moscow. He teaches at the Vienna Music Academy and he is an endorsed artist of the UK Audio equipment company Prism Sound Ltd. He is the founder of the Slovenian Diplomatic Concert and the International Academy Giuseppe Tartini.


€ 575.-

What is included:
– 2 nights accommodation
– daily breakfast and dinner
– seminar

Additional Personal Coaching (optional):

€ 400.-

*Please note that there are additional taxes per person/day: sojourn tax wich is payed in the hotel and service tax in the bill for the seminar-retreat.


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