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One Day Fire-Walk Retreat

walk on embers croatia 1 day retreat

In the natural environment on the property near Zagreb, you´ll experience a journey of new insights and learning, both about life and about yourself. What can I let go? What do I don´t need anymore? are questions you can find answers to, integrating the ritual of fire, which have a great transformative effect. The ancient techniques and methods of healing the body, spirit and mind will remain your life-long knowledge. With a full-day workshop, spiritual cleansing and preparation, if you like and if you feel ready, you´ll have the opportunity to walk on embers yourself (around 9 p.m.).


18 March 2023


12 – 23 o´clock

What is it about?

Fire is an element, that unlike earth, water and air, can´t be contaminated. In many spiritual traditions, fire is the symbol of the divine love. It burns everything in us that is unhealthy and not true and through the experience of fire and, eventually firewalking, you´ll become open for new possibilities and challenges of life. The ritual of walking on embers is one of the oldest purification rituals on planet Earth.

Retreat host:

Neven Carin is a natural healing practitioner whos premise is: „The world is immensely beautiful, and life is a gift given to us. Live your dream.“ He works as a alternative therapeutic counselor, shaman and workshop facilitator, using the old Croatian shaman techniques and less known but powerfull places in Croatia and Balkan. He met shamans from Peru as well, where he received their old knowledge and healing rituals associated with their sacred plants. He successfully developed some of his own healing techniques and an unique breathing method. He is working with: Bio energy, Reiki, Shamanism, breathing techniques, meditation, Buddha-KI, Osho-Ki, purification and removal of toxic energies, walking on coals at 1000 degrees and many more. He is especially happy to see the radiance in the people´s eyes again and the return of their lost feeling of energy and health.

Why Firewalking?

– for an additional source of energy
– for the better ability to cope with conflict situations within the self and in life
– for better relationships
– to increase Self-awareness and creativity
– to experience an overall harmony in body, mind and soul
– for purification on all levels of existance
– to rejuvenate
– for relief from stress, worry and fear
– and finally, because fire is one of the four basic natural elements that enables the fastest transformation


€ 179.-

– workshop on the element of fire
– lecure on spiritual purification by the element of fire
– workshop on ways/methods to improve the quality of life
– individual consultations with the healer
– walking on embers
– diploma
– dinner
– after your succesful firewalking you can receive an unique fire amulet. Participants will be able to bring it home as a symbol and reminder of the abilities you carry within yourself!

With a booking of this retreat, you´ll get the Water Ceremony Retreat on 8th of May for free!
Bringing another person with you – you´ll get a discount!

After the retreat, there is also a possibility to spend two more days in a beautiful mountain house in the nature of Zumberak Nature Park:


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