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June 2022 Retreats in Croatia

In June things really get going with retreats and seminars in Croatia. From the last day of May to June 5th there is a retreat on the island of Korčula in the beautiful place Lumbarda. I was there myself in 2017 and 2018 and can confirm that you can find peace here even in the Croatian high season, so at the beginning of June it will be even quieter. A place also very good for those who like sandy beaches. Korčula is easily reached by ferry from Split or Dubrovnik. At the moment there are still relatively good offers with Eurowings, e.g. from Dortmund to Split, there and back for around €153. At the retreat in Lumbarda you can enjoy well-balanced and lovingly prepared food, morning quiet time before yoga and optional: astrology, which can certainly beautify and enrich your retreat. Retreat languages: English, French, German, Croatian.

Yoga Retreats on Korčula Island:

Also on Korčula island, in the town with the same name, there will be a Yoga and Ayurveda weekend. A high quality program after which you will feel quickly refreshed and renewed! Raw food as well as detox juices and herbal teas are possible. A 60-minute Ayurvedic massage supports detoxification, strengthens and relaxes. Retreat language: English.

And if you want to experience Ayurveda and a massage on the sailing boat, then yoga & sailing retreats are something for you! The meeting point is in Novigrad – Istria and then the most beautiful places and islands in the Kvarner Bay will be visited. With the acupuncture massage and a new wellness technology for the regeneration on molecular level as well as direct contact with the sea and aerosol, you will quickly relax and recharge your batteries. Retreat language German (English possible).

Yoga & Sailing:

Ashtanga Yoga Retreat in Istria:

For Ashtanga yogis and anyone interested in a dynamic yoga style with Ashtanga yoga teacher with years of experience, there is a retreat in Istria with early Mysore yoga classes for advanced and basic classes as well. Very good for people who want to experience body awareness, focus, strength and relaxation of the mind. The retreat takes place in the picturesque town of Peruški, on the eastern Istrian coast, close to the sea. Retreat language: German (English possible).

Tantra Retreats und Seminare, auf der Insel Vis, Hvar und in Istrien:

A Kundalini Yoga Retreat, as a retreat of the original Tantra and Yoga, takes place on the island of Vis for the second time with Kundalini Yoga School from Netherlands. Retreat languages English and Dutch.
Two other seminars in which you can deal more deeply with yourself include various methods such as: body work, tantra, neo-tantra, creativity and somatic experience. Retreat language: German.
Special Soulstice Kundalini Yoga Retreat takes place on Hvar island, a tantric, shamanic, tribe gathering. Retreat languages: English, Croatian.

Spiritual Croatia Roundtrip:

During this bus tour you can experience Croatia (and part of Bosnia and Herzegovina) in all its beauty and take part in a seminar that will connect you deeper to your heart. Two nature parks with waterfalls, Medjugorje, Zadar and northern Croatia (Varazdin), still unknown to many. Retreat language: German, English possible.

Yoga, Dance & Sports Retreats in Croatia:

One of the most known retreat with yoga and sports is in Rovinj with biking, hiking, kayaking, windsurfing and SUP, suitable for every sport experience or non-experience. Another retreat with soft sport adventure and beautiful sightseeing spots is on the Hvar Island, with hiking, biking and snorkeling. Retreat language in Rovinj and Hvar: English.
And if you like yoga and dancing to the beats, you can visit the retreat near Split. Retreat language: German.

Yoga Retreat with Facial Yoga Units:

This retreat is for everyone who wants to glow from within, evoking health, happiness and beauty. In English.

Yoga Retreat in the Lavender Field:

Situated in the pure nature of Hvar Island, this retreat will bring you to your wild heart. Retreat languages German and English.

Hormon Yoga Retreat for Women:

This beloved retreat happening since years in Dalmatia is a special blend of yoga and other methods for hormonal balance, relaxation and peace of mind. Hormone Yoga is a dynamic form of Yoga Therapy, created by the Brazilian Yoga therapist and psychologist Dinah Rodrigues, helping women of all ages. Retreat lanugage: English.

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