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SOULstice Temple – A Tantric Shamanic Kundalini Gathering on Hvar Island

Kundalini Yoga Retreat na Hvaru 16. - 22. lipanj 2022

This retreat is a sacred invitation to spend one week between the sea and the stars, hugged by nature and kissed by the sky, together with a beautiful tribe from all over the world, in a beachfront Villa on the sunniest island in Croatia. SOULstice Temple is a Sacred Space where you are held in a safe container of deep alchemy and transmutation, where you are free to express whatever needs to arise. This temple honors and blends the timeless wisdom of ancient traditions of Yoga and Summer Solstice, merging with the new methods of healing and teaching. By devoting time to strengthening the connection between your body, mind, and spirit, you can create a harmonious balance that permeates all areas of your life. There will be a chance to pause, restore, release, make space, and look inward to reconnect to your soul, and nourish that connection.


16 – 22 June 2022

Accommodation and Food:

The Retreat-Temple is situated in the picturesque, secluded and silent bay, on the west coast of the island of Hvar (perfect for sunsets). Ten minute ride from the famous, historical town of Hvar. The accommodation consists of multiple fully equipped apartments with a beautiful view. The property has a private beach and no neighbours.
The accommodation is shared (2-4 people per apartment). All the aparments are air-conditioned, have their own (shower)bath, kitchen, dining area and a balcony.
The food is vegan with gluten-free options. Of the most importance is that the food is nourishing, fresh and local, seasonal, filled with colors, textures and that it excites all six tastes. Jelena (Mediterranean vegan chef) and Madhavi (chef who sees cooking as a healing ritual) will provide delicious vegan and sugar free food.

Yoga & Meditation Practices, Teachers and Retreat-Hosts:

Holistic teachers Ish Van Kaur and Harpreet Seva Kaur will guide you through the process, accompanied with guest teachers Maja Mačković and Shri Hari Das. Everyone is welcome, as all workshops are open to all levels, no previous experience is necessary, come as you are and receive what you need. Hours of activities might slightly vary each day, as each day is a different one. New horizons, new skills, new experiences, new challenges, learning to enjoy them all, sunrises/sunsets, the wisdom of nature revealing itself to you. Through daily practices, there will be cultivating of the ecstatic current between each of us but at the same time, each of us is on an individual journey to rediscover our true selves and to return to love.

Ish Van Kaur is inspired by the healing power of music and the therapeutic aspect of sound. She seeks to motivate, initiate and give others the tools to discover their inner medicine and start using it. Through the art of kundalini practices, drum healing, singing, free expression, and improvisation her work is dedicated to the healing that continues off the mat and spills over into all aspects of our lives. Through the practice of Kundalini yoga, she has freed her soul from the chains of fast-paced society. Shaped by the multiple roles she entered: mathematician, engineer, soft-skill trainer, musician, the one she enjoys the most is being able to share the magic of Kundalini yoga with others.

Harpreet Seva Kaur has been traveling for several years, teaching, and holding workshops in Bali, Thailand, and in Rishikesh, India, where she was based for two years. Recently, due to circumstances, she has found her way home to Croatia. Connected with her roots and the spirits of the land, she got a desire to share her passions with her tribe at home and host beautiful retreats for the tribe from all over the world. For the past 7 years, she is in a deep intimate relationship with Kundalini Yoga but as she likes to experiment and supplement her practice with Tantra, Hatha Raja, Bhakti and Yin Yoga. Harpreet invites you to move the energy, then pause, breathe and just be, witnessing the magical power.

Sri Hari Das has been bearing this name since 1993, having spent ten years in the monastic order of a devotee of bhakti yoga. On his path, he includes techniques, practices, teachings, and traditions that nourish the bhakti principle, the principle of devotional love, and the spread of consciousness. He traveled the world and lived with teachers, media, shamans, mystics.

Maja Mačković is a regression therapist and mindfulness trainer, women empowerment coach and hyper creative with golden hands. She turned her traumas and pains into experiences through which she leads women today on the path of self-healing and self-love. She nurtures menstrual wisdom, female cycles, lives her freedom and adores life. She will join this retreat as an experienced leader of the women’s circle.

DJ Ishtva will take care of the music that moves you. Four years ago, she walked into the magical land of mystical, ecstatic, electrical music and tribal waves where she found a home. She lets go, jumps, breathes, and enjoys every beat in harmony with all of life.

All together you´ll enjoy:

Kundalini yoga
Tantra yoga practice
Powerful meditations
Partner work
Cacao medicine
Singing and dancing rituals
Exploration with a boat
Solstice Celebration Ceremony

If you have, bring your instruments to accompany the sound of ocean waves
for the evening jamming under the stars!


€ 1111.- per person

– 6 nights accommodation
– all workshops and activities: kundalini yoga classes, rituals, tantra practices, partner work, cacao medicine, breathwork
– organic vegan meals (breakfast and dinner)
– one day excursion with a speedboat
– group transfer from the main port or bus station in Hvar town to the retreat house and back on departure day
– local tourist taxes


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