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Yellow for the 3rd Chakra

Yellow is the colour of the Vitality Chakra Manipura, connected to the Element of Fire and fire has an enormous transformative power. It burns all what it has to be burned so that you can go on, believing in your talents and life-passion. It might be your job, your hobby, anything that makes you happy and truly living your life as your are. Having a yogamat in this colour can support your yogapractice in this direction: selfdevelopment, selfempowering and trust, especially your intuition. Here is one, created by Yogalovin´Retreats for your yoga holiday in Croatia (or anywhere else of course :)). On the top the yogamat has a mantra Om Shanti, meaning Om Peace.

Zazzle Yoga mats are created out of a desire to sustainably bring the beauty of art, functionality, and personal expression into your life. Yogamat dimensions are: 72″ x 24″ (180x60cm), comfy 0.25″ (ca 0,60 cm) thick. Lightweight: approximately 3lbs (1,30 kg). Quality mat offers a soft cushion feel, and contains a mesh center membrane for added stability. Eco friendly, composed of cellular vinyl, free from BPAs, phthalates, and latex. Vibrant full color print designed to last.
You can order the mat here.

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