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„The Lost Teachings of Yoga“ by Georg Feuerstein

Taught by Feuerstein himself, this full 12-session (seven-hour course) reveals the true history of yoga, the gifted masters who brought it to the West, its many branches and the rich fruit they yield, yoga’s virtues and disciplines that flower into enlightenment, subtle anatomy and the energy of prana or life force, the origins of asanas, and much more.

In this audio-course you´ll learn about:

India’s gift to the world: yoga, its history, purpose, and practice

The 10 basic principles of all yoga

Asanas and the split between body and mind

The seven branches or schools of yoga, from Hatha to Karma

Kundalini-shakti: the serpent energy

Principles of dharma: morality, law, and virtue

Living the yogic path in a nine-to-five world

Enlightenment: the aim of all-true yoga

Chakras: organs of your energetic body

Brain chemistry and body toxicity: yoga’s role

The seven stages of self-purification in yoga

Yogis and paranormal powers: the truth

Patanjali’s five principle moral disciplines, and how to practice them

A full seven-hour curriculum of insights and teachings from yoga’s great tradition

You´ll find the download link here:

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