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„Enjoy Life Fully“ – Mindfulness Retreat in Istria

Dive into a rich and insightful learning program to explore how to live a more mindful life and take the time to recharge in a marvellous environment in the heart of Istria.
“Enjoy Life Fully” getaway is specially designed for you to:
– understand how mindfulness impacts your wellbeing and life,
– develop a clear understanding what supports you and what sabotages you,
– identify your personal mindfulness style,
– discover science-based tools and techniques for mindfulness and to
– learn how to protect and create mindfulness in your everyday life. 
Mindfulness is much more than being present in the moment – it is the key skill for life of wellbeing, meaning and enjoyment.


30 September – 7 October 2023

Accommodation and Food:

The retreat accommodation consists of two beautiful villas, situated in a charming Istrian village Tinjan. Surrounded by untouched nature, it is a protected oasis, perfect for full immersion into the experience. A combination of modern industrial style and rustic elements, creates an unique atmosphere. 
Six modern, spacious bedrooms can accommodate up to 12 people. Most of the rooms are shared rooms, with double beds. Due to the setting of double beds, the emphasis will be on people joining together with a close friend or a partner. One room with twin beds gives a possibility to book one place in a shared room. Two rooms are open for 1-person booking as well upon aditional price.
Daily you can enjoy nurturing breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Your Coach and Retreat-Host:

Mirna Smidt is a trainer, speaker and coach of positive psychology, skills for trainers and interpersonal skills. She is in love with the development of own and others peoples’ skills, in new experiences and travel and full of positive energy.
In parallel with her IT career in advanced technologies she acquired over 14 years of experience in training during which she has collaborated on numerous international learning projects and with many companies in diverse industries.
Mirna completed postgraduate studies in Applied Positive Psychology at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, NLP Masters practitioner and a range of coaching and training related educations. She is the founder of „Happiness Academy“, an initiative through which she is designing and delivering a broad range of positive psychology educational events and materials. Mirna also started Trainers´Toolbox, a project through which she is developing creative tools for trainers and coaches.


After waking up in this gorgeous location, the day will start with a “mindful moment” – a short, practical, enjoyable exercise, through which you will learn a new tool, and get ready to fully experience the day.
After breakfast there is a workshop for 2 – 3 hours. Each day will explore mindfulness focused on one of the topics like:
– food & savouring
– body and senses
– breath
– environment & beauty
– connections & conversations
– life of excitement and enjoyment.
After the workshop, there will be lunch on the terrace of the villa. Afternoons are open for whatever suits you, togheter with others or enjoying your private space. The plan for the week will be highly customized according to your needs and preferences.


€ 1150.- per Person in a double room, for super early birds – until 12th of May!
€ 1260.- per person in a double room, early bird price (for payments in May & June)
€ 1340.- per person in a double room, regular price (for payments in July & August)
€ 1450.- per person in a double room, last minute price
€ 1780.- single occupancy

– lodging for 7 nights
– daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner
– the „Happiness Academy“ program with all the materials
– visit to Groznjan, Motovun and Hum – three of the prettiest Istrian villages
– spending the “leisure day” in Rovinj, a beautiful seaside city (including beach time) 
– visiting one of the best wineries in the area 
– visiting olive oil groves, both for tastings and incredible nature that they offer
– tasting truffles that the area is famous for 
– a cycling trip on a scenic route that connects several adorable villages
– transport from/to the bus station or airport*
– local sojourn tax

*depending on your arrival/departure, otherwise taxi can be booked in advanced


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