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Wholeness Retreat on Rava

Join this beautiful place for an unforgettable Retreat of Wholeness with
Mateja Tomšič Akengen and Ljubica Vitlov Boban, 5-11 of July 2019.

Experience deep transformational process. Teachings and indoctrinations anchored in subconscious mind, genetically transferred blockades and limitations make us repeat limited patterns in life. In this intensive retreat you may experience who you really are and what are you capable of.
Be in touch with the environment – the small paradise on Rava island, far away from the civilization and mass tourism. Alone with the sun, sea, plants, long walks on the island and sometimes a visit from the dolphins.

Yoga teacher Ljubica will, with great care, make sure that every participant
connects again with their own consciousness, breath and body, through
yoga. She will also be in care of a healthy vegetarian nutrition, which will
cleanse the body, so that it can be a healthy carrier and sanctuary for our

Shaman Akengen will assist you in intensive spiritual work. Wide spectrum
of her therapeutic knowledge and understanding of human destiny, soul,
subconscious and nature will be directed on syncronizing the internal and the external character. She works with the whole: body, mind, emotions and soul; with past, present and future; with conscious and unconscious.

Price: 630 eur
Included: transport from port Rava to the house (two-way),
accommodation, food, and program.

Registration and booking

For this retreat at least the half of the amount is needed for securing the place or the full amount. Booking confirmation and further retreat conditions you´ll get directly from Wholeness retreat organizers. In the following contact form you can describe your accommodation wishes, aswell ask further questions.

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