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Yoga and Cooking Class Retreat, Mljet Island

One of the interesting things about Croatia is that almost every piece of nature here is cherished so much that it has to be proclaimed to „national park“. Despite that, most of the places called national or nature parks can boost with their unspoiled nature and mostly no mass tourism, so they are perfect for yoga and meditation retreats.
Mljet is a national park since 1960, an island of volcanic origin in the southern part of Croatia and the Adriatic Sea. On the island there is an inland lake as well as a small island within it.


Postponed to late summer 2021

​Accommodation and Food:

In an old stone village right above the lakes and the national park, you can book your own apartment or cottage, typically and charmingly restored to suit your needs. In the „main retreat house“ yoga, meals, and cooking workshops take place. All guests accommodations are placed 10 to 50 meters away from the main retreat house.
The macrobiotic retreat chef will cater to your needs with love and care. You can enjoy three meals per day, composed of healthy, seasonal, organic vegetarian, vegan or raw food along with freshly prepared healthy, homemade raw snack delights, detox juices, and evening herbal tea.

​Yoga During the Week:

You can attend two yoga classes daily. The morning session will be an energizing, dynamic practice of 90 minutes for a wonderful start of the day. The one-hour evening yoga session is designed with a more restorative, calmer approach to end and reflect on your day. This session may include pranayama, restorative yoga, Yin yoga, and Yoga Nidra. The available yoga and meditation classes are suitable for everyone, from beginners to experienced yogis. 

​Cooking Classes:

​You will learn how to make few simple foods from the scratch such as healthy organic flatbreads, gluten-free bread, healthy nutritious raw breakfast, raw cake, healthy spreads, fermented foods, and healthy ice creams. Afterward, you will be able to make all of this foods at home, so that you can continue the healthy eating after you return home.

You will learn also about the nutrition value of foods, and how to implement the use of herbs in your cooking, so that it can help you to support your well-being and health long after you have returned home. There will be also a fun class on how to make a traditional healthy local pasta from scratch, led by a local woman.


Mojca Bajt has studied Yoga at Arhanta Yoga Ashram Netherlands, as part of the Indian Arhanta Yoga Ashram and has yoga teaching experience for more than 10 years. Her yoga classes consists of traditional yoga and the fusion of various styles, with emphasis on breathing techniques – pranayama. Each session has time devoted to meditation, self awareness and consciousness. While strengthening your body, you will be balancing your mind simultaneously. In her classes, she teaches her students to be in the present moment, to explore themselves and to empower themselves.

Previous to becoming a full time Yoga teacher, she has been working for years in business corporate management, but the desire of changing her life style got stronger, ripened and resulted in pursuit of becoming full time yoga teacher.

Over the last couple of years Mojca resides and teaches in Amsterdam, Paris and Croatia.


€ 1625.- private apartment, single occupancy
€ 1495.- shared stone house – 2 separate bedrooms and shared bathroom, living room and kitchen – double occupancy
€ 2495 – private apartment – for couples or a couple of friends or family


– 7 nights accommodation
– 8 days guidance of the retreat leader
– 14 yoga sessions
– vegetarian/vegan/raw food: breakfast, lunch, and dinner
– detox juices and herbal teas
– daily morning and evening yoga classes
– walking excursions around National Natural Park of Mljet
– cooking classes – learn how to prepare simple healthy, organic and nutritious meals
– cooking workshop led by a local women: How to make traditional Mljet’s pasta (makaruli)
– learning how to implement Mediterranean herbs and its culinary and medical benefits
– tours around the island of Mljet
– daily entrance tickets to the national park
– hiking trip
– boat visit to exceptional beautiful St.Mary’s islet in the middle of one of the faulty lakes, with Benedictine monastery dating to 12th century, with picnic organic lunch
– movie night – a documentary about the history of Mljet and reaches fauna and flora
– transfer from and to the port of Mljet to and from the accommodation
– adventures trip to Odysseus Cave (by boat, or car transfer and hike – depending on the weather and the sea)


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