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Yoga und Meditation Retreat in the northern part of Croatia (Čakovec)

16.- 24. November 2019

The morning practice is dynamic, playfull and challenging hatha yoga.
The afternoon practice serves as a preparation for meditation. We dive into the philosophy of yoga and what meditation can bring us. Questions are always welcome and the lectures are interactive.


Ron van der Post – except yoga teacher Ron is nurse, social worker, psychotherapist, massage therapist, shiatsu therapist, nutritionist and personal coach. He is one of the few western students of Brahmrishi Bawraji Viswatma Maharaja, in the lineage of Gosvāmī Tulsīdās and teaches yoga the way it has been done through centuries in the Himalayas; ashtanga yoga in its truest form (as 8-fold path), with karma yoga as the central pillar. Ron has more than 30 years of yoga teaching experience.

Ana Mikac – except yoga teacher, she is an ayurvedic nutrition advisor, massage therapist, personal coach, plant-based cook, marine biologist and ecologist, vedic gardener and organisation retreat manager. After travelling and living abroad for about six years, she came back to Croatia with a wish to create a place for people from all over the world. In Ana’s life, yoga is a path of self-discovery, union with the self through the self and through nature.

Price: 850 €
8 nights accommodation
welcome dinner
2 meals per day
breakfast on the departure day
yoga classes
meditation classes
individual talks and consultations
assistance with traveling arrangements
tourist tax
guided walk/hike
Zagreb airport pickup
guided tour of the area

Language: English


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