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Awareness Intensive 3 Days Retreat in Fužine

In these three days, in a structured and holding environment, in the middle of the beautiful nature, you´ll have a chance for a direct, intimate experience of yourself and others. A certain detox of the ´head and heart’, is a return to our own inner home, and grow into our relationships to the outside world, which include:

– healthy and balanced communication with others
– fresh and creative thinking
– authenticity in acting from the present moment
– the art of listening
– focus and deal with demanding situations
– an experience of inner assurance not dependent on the acceptance from the
– new outlook at personal history and discovery of resources and new

Using ’self-inquiry‘ and zen-koan, this process ignites your own and individual experience of yourselves, outside of concepts and ideas. We finally have a living experience of the freshness of the present moment in which all that we are sits in its place, our whole system changes its former way of functioning.

Discovering ourselves in a different light, we see our lives in a new perspective.
We connect with inner clarity and strength, and confidence in our own potential grows.
This process can bring experiences and understandings that bring about radical change.


28 – 31 October 2021

Workshop language:

English and/or Croatian

Accommodation and Food:

The retreat is taking place in Fužine, a village in the Gorski kotar area, between Rijeka and Zagreb. It´s situated in a wonderful enviornment, surrounded by three seas, hills and lots of woods for silent walks and contemplation. It is possible to book shared double rooms in a lovely hotel by the lake, with included vegetarian meals.

Retreat Facilitators:

Dražen Pramod Šivak is a theatre artist, actor and acting teacher, living in Zagreb. Through the experience of performing arts, he felt the need fo a deeper understanding of himslef and discovered meditation, which has become his practice. He is trained in Awareness Intensive and Inner judge processes with Ganga Cording and Avikal Costantino, collaborating with them a number of years in China, India, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, and elsewhere. Also, he is a certified hypnotherapist and member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy. He facilitates „Awareness Intensives“, „Living the presence“ and „Tango – the art of listening“, as well as performer’s seminars „The actor and the body“.
Dedicated and devoted, Dražen approaches each client with respect and understanding, giving him space to discover his individual potentials by himself and offers individual sessions as well.

Damjan Athah Beusan worked in many different areas: a lawyer intern, state employee and diplomat, tourist animator and guide, tourist agency owner, kindergarten and finally as a counselor and therapist. Through these experiences a thirst for our deepest and only relevant question: „Who am I?“ was born. He is trained in the process Working with people – holistic counselling with Rafia Morgan and Turiya Hanover, Awareness Intensive with Ganga Cording i Jivan Sunder, and Somatic Experiencing with Berns Galliway. He is a certified ‚holistic counselor ‚ and member of SIAF Italy. He works individually as a councelor and Somatic experiencing practitioner.
Damjan holds a safe space and support for the clients, so they can dare to inquire and expand their own limits, honest passion for truth, as well as patience, awareness and trust.


€ 200.- seminar
€ 120.- lodge (accommodation in a shared double room and food) – to pay personally at the reception, upon
coming (card payment possible)
Single rooms or accommodation for small groups upon request.


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