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Monthly Online Yoga Program: 5 Days for 5 Elements

Starting on 8th of November, simbolically on Full Moon, in the month of deep transformation, you´ll be able to join this program online every month. This program is for everyone willing to take action toward a higher quality of life.⁠
The wisdom of the Five Elements is improving your life on every level letting you enough time, motivating you with yoga and meditation expert guidance.

What can you learn in this program?

5 Movements
Five movements is a very special and unique physical exercise that is designed for the Elements of Nature. They are a combination of Qi-gong, Vyayam techniques, and tantric movements. They are speical because they energize your body and stretch your spine in every direction. Stretching the spine in every direction is the most important part in yoga. Doing this stretching regularly every day, you´ll experience a big strenghtening of your back (especially the lower back) that brings relief of your back pain if you have one.
What is really convenient in this modern time is that you can do those moments in just 5 minutes. You can also practice them longer because those movements are repetitive.
The other advantage of this exercise is that you don’t need a yogamat because all the movements are done in a standing position. You can do this practice almost everywhere, for example on your balcony, in your office and the best is to do them in the nature because they are designed to connect you with the 5 elements of nature.

Philosophy of the Five Elements
What are five elements? It´s the deep understanding of Nature and its wisdom, which in the end is your own nature. Understanding the language of the elements is understanding your own character. This is what makes a smooth and natural transformation in your life; your thoughts, feelings, words and actions can be an expression of nature’s harmony, creativity and beauty.

Apart from philosophy, you will learn the five different meditations, one for each element. Each day you´ll be guided through one meditation, but you can also learn them and practice them by yourself. These five meditation techniques are beneficial for the mind.


€ 55.-

5 main Lectures about the Five Elements + introductions and conclusion
5 Guided Meditation ( 5 most powerfull meditations )
5 videos classes with turorials ( actually 7 ) of the unique 5 Movements for 5 Elements exercises
5 extra videos of the 5 Methods to work on 5 Elements


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